Government Products


  • Fixed HEMP Sites

    Gaven Industries Inc will design and build your fixed site HEMP shielded enclosure in accordance with MIL-STD-188-125-1. All of the disciplines required: civil, structural, electrical, mechanical combined with fabrication and erection from one source - One standard of excellence and quality control throughout - from design to customer receipt.

    Uncommon to this industry, Gaven Industries Inc, in addition to our design and build capabilities, manufacture all of POE's, except electrical filters, in house:

    - Exterior HEMP Shielded Hardened doors
    - Interior interlocked PEV doors
    - HVAC, generator exhaust, fiber waveguides
    - Large diameter water, fuel, oil waveguides

    Typical Enclosure types:

    - Command
    - Power Generation-UPS
    - Mil-Star
    - Phased Array Radar
    - Server - data storage

    Also uncommon are our details for the long term viability of the shield performance with minimal maintenance. Ventilation of inaccessible areas with conditioned air along with incorporation of stainless steels in corrosion prone areas ensures decades of shielding viability.

  • Mobile HEMP Shelters

    Gaven Industries Inc Mobile HEMP Shelters meet or exceed all provisions of MIL-STD-188-125-2, ISO 1496/1, MIL-STC-810F, and MIL-STD-209. Shelters can be built to customer's existing specifications or custom designed to meet a new project's requirements.

    Hard structural Mounting Points can be installed inside or outside for ease of equipment installation when populated or sited. For the ultimate resistance to corrosion and shielding effectiveness, all "Bulkhead" or "Connector Feed Through" panels are made of 304 stainless steel.

  • Service Penetrations

    Gaven Industries Inc Mobile HEMP Shelter Service Penetrations meet or exceed all provisions of MIL-STD-188-125-2, MIL-STC-810F, and MIL-STD-209. Mobile Shelter Service Penetrations can be built to customer's existing specifications or custom designed to meet a new project's requirements.

    HVAC and Bulkhead Panels are made of 304 stainless steel where corrosion and dirt entrapment can occur and cause loss of shielding effectiveness.

    Microwave Waveguides are continuously welded into a 304 stainless steel housing.

  • Docking Stations

    Gaven Industries Inc is the only company that has designed and built a flexible Docking Station that has not only met - but exceeded - all requirements of MIL-STD-188-125-2's and all NBC requirements.

    Now, six or more Mobile Shelters can be sited and operated as a single Multi-Function Station - greatly enhancing a mission's overall capabilities through increased coordination and shared resources.

    A Laser Position Monitoring System is used to monitor Mobile Shelter alignment and facilitate easy realignment when necessary.

    All items are designed and manufactured in house, including logic boards.

    The Laser Position Monitoring System's modules are machined from solid alloyed aluminum.

    To the left is the Laser Position Monitoring System, complete with the systems logic board and completed sensor.

  • Air Seal Hatches

    The HEMP Shielded Double Air Seal Hatch boasts the highest level of performance in its class and utilizes the same features of our trusted HEMP Shielded Double Air Seal Exterior Doors.

    Air Seal Hatches are custom made to fit any size opening or configuration based on the customers requirements. Options include use of single or dual leafs and single or dual actuators. The Hatch Leaf and Frame are manufactured from 304 stainless steel. They are fully welded, insulated and thermally broken. For exterior applications an aluminum weather guard can be provided.

    Gaven Industries HEMP Shielded Roof Hatch employs many of the same features of our Exterior HEMP Shielded Doors and performs to the same level.

    Pictured above is the Control Panel, the LED display informs the user of any issues with all facets of the Hatch.

    Gavens' Patent Pending Exterior Heavy Duty Hinge is manufactured using non-ferrous materials, which eliminates rust and corrosion, allowing the hinge to be used in harsh environments. The robust design and quality manufacturing assures the hinge will be easy to use, require minimal maintenance and last the life time of the installation.

    Each air seal operates independently of one another. Should one of the two Air Seals become damaged, it can be disabled and the other will remain functional. This innovative design ensures the Hatch will perform to the required shielding effectiveness until the damaged air seal can be replaced.

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