Gaven Industries' manufactures all components used in its R.F. Shielded Enclosures in-house except fingerstock and electrical filters. Our 25,000 square foot manufacturing facility allows for the utmost stringent practice in quality control, as everything from design to fabrication to testing is overseen by our highly experienced personnel.

Gaven Industries hosts a complete array of machines for CNC machining, welding, cutting, finishing and more.

Our CNC machining area includes a Haas VS-3 which has a 150" x 50" x 50" machining area allowing us to precision machine very large fabrications weighing up to 10,000lbs.

Our CNC machining area also includes a Wardjet Z813 water jet allowing for a work area of
13' x 9'.


Below is just a sample of some of the custom products we have designed and manufactured in house:-

    Pneumatic Air Seal Double Exterior Doors

    Custom configuration R.F. Shielded Doors and Door frames

    Docking Stations

    Laser Positioning systems

    Radar Antenna Pedestals

    Custom designed R.F. Shielded Escape Hatches

    Mobile HEMP Shelters

    Microwave Waveguides

    Fiber Optic Waveguides capable of carrying 37-50 fiber cables good through 10Ghz

    and more......



All of Gaven Industries door leafs and frames, and window frames are made of fully welded 304 stainless steel.


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