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Magnetic Shielding

Magnetic Shielding is installed for several purposes:

To protect equipment and personnel on the outside from a large magnetic field created by equipment such as a 7T large bore superconducting magnet.

To protect MRI imaging equipment from magnetic field influences such as motors, elevators, cars, trucks, etc., which can cause loss of imaging performance.

To protect equipment or instrumentation outside the shield from being adversely affected, or even damaged, by a strong magnetic field purposely created.

Commonly used materials for building Magnetic Shielded Enclosures are M36 steel sheet, fully annealed 1006 low carbon steel plate and silicon steels which are used in electric motors and transformers.

Gaven Industries has installed hundreds of Magnetic Shielded Enclosures from single sheets of .025" M36 silicon steel to 23" thick of fully annealed 1006 low carbon steel plate.

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