Diagnostic and imaging equipment in healthcare is highly susceptible to both Radio Frequency and Electromagnetic interference. Shielding in healthcare environments such as MRI rooms, radiological centers, surgical suites and other vulnerable environments takes experience and expertise. Gaven has both of these. Gaven offers a wide range of products and services that are critical to the success of healthcare providers including doors, room shielding, design and installation services, and testing services.



Gaven doors offer the highest quality and performance on the RF door marketplace. Standard door offerings as well as custom sizes and designs are available.


Gaven offers multiple shielding solutions to match the requirements of the equipment being installed and utilized within the room environment including panelized options, solder-together, bolt-together, and cut-to-fit solutions to maximize wall and ceiling space.

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Design and Installation

Gaven Industries can assist your design team in determining the appropriate R.F. Shielding and Magnetic Shielding requirements. Additionally, we can help determine the proper construction materials and methods needed to achieve these goals.
Along with R.F. and Magnetic Shielding Design, manufacturing and installation services, Gaven Industries can also provide architectural, structural, environmental, power and mechanical systems design support to a project through our network of partners. Gaven has designed and installed rooms and facilities larger than 150,000 square feet

Test and Service

Shielded doors and installed shielding must remain effective in the field for the life span of the room. However, daily rigors may have compromised the shielding effectiveness of doors and shields. Doors and mechanical parts should be inspected and maintained regularly. Other shielding and protective measures should also be tested on a regular basis to verify and maintain effectiveness. Our team is ready to work with your schedule to ensure the safety of your patients and guest as well as the performance of your facilities’ equipment through our testing services.

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