Waveguides & Pipe Penetrations

HVAC Waveguides

Gaven’s HVAC and Air Vent Waveguides are available in a number of design types and materials to best suit your installation requirements. All allow for proper air flow while the waveguide medium provides the proper attenuation of electromagnetic energy.

Available for MRI, EMI, and EMP/HEMP environments, Gaven’s Waveguides are available in brass, stainless steel or aluminum. Additionally, waveguides can be 3/16” honey comb or a squad tubular array – dependent on the on the shielding requirements.

Key Features

  • Can be fastened to all RF shielding designs
  • Corrosion resistant
  • Multiple opening options for minimal air flow resistance and pressure drop
  • Continuous welding for optimal RF performance

Easy installation – Gaven waveguides are ready for installation with an an EMI gasket and mounting holes

Match to site – Vents can be supplied with exposed surfaces painted to meet requirements including military standard color

Standard and custom sizes – Available in nearly any size as well as sizes standard ducting

RF Shielded Pipe Penetrations

As with any RF shielded component, the entire performance of the RF shield can be compromised by faulty penetrations. With this in mind Gaven offers a wide variety of standard and custom pipe penetrations for wiring, cabling, and liquid plumbing.

The threaded mounting bodies, and even the brass nuts are manufactured in house for the ultimate reliability when installed. The copper pipe is soldered into the mounting bodies and the nut’s mating surface is perfectly perpendicular to the bore for a perfect, lifetime seal every time.

Insulated Plumbing Penetrations with required performance up to 10GHz are available if required when chilled liquids are used. This will prevent condensation and sweating that could cause corrosion.