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Equipment Specific Shielded Enclosures

In addition to the five commercial R.F.Shielded enclosures Gaven Industries has the
expertise to design R.F.Shielded enclosures with Equipment Specific requirements in mind.

  • IMRIS® Surgical Suites

    Gaven Industries Inc manufactures a custom Soldered Copper R.F. Shielded enclosure for the IMRIS® Surgical MRI Imaging System. Unlike competitor's prefabricated panelized system, our unique installation methods allow for the use of the premium space above the magnet support beams for duct work, mechanical and electrical systems, tremendously easing their installation. Usable space above the ceiling is typically increased by 33% or more!

    All doors used in the IMRIS® Suite are Gaven Industries' Pneumatic Air Seal Doors, including the 8' 6" wide by 9'10" high Bi-Parting Magnet Access Door which protrudes only a total of 5-1/8" into the Magnet Docking Area!

    All doors in the O.R. Suite can be interlocked to the Magnet Access Door to control access to the O.R. when the Magnet is in use.

    In an operating room environment, usable space is one of the most important design goals. Gaven Industries' custom Soldered Copper R.F. Shielded Enclosure provided more usable space in the O.R. than any other R.F. Shielded system offered.

    To visit IMRIS® go to the IMRIS® website.

  • Stereotaxis® Rooms

    STEREOTAXIS® - provides a Remote Computerized Catheter - Based Interventional Procedure that utilize two large permanent magnets mounted on articulating or pivoting arms with a very strong permanent magnet on either side.

    Although these magnets typically generate less than 10% of the field strengths generated by MRI equipment, Magnetic Shielding is required to contain the magnetic fields from adversely effecting equipment in adjacent areas.

    Gaven Industries utilizes multiple layers of .025" thick sheets of Silicon Steel to create a Magnetic Shielded Enclosure to contain these fields. Full sheets up to 96" long are installed in layers with joints staggered from one layer to the other. All sheets are mechanically fastened to the floor and walls, never glued and small 12-18" square pre-assembled panels are never used. The silicon steel sheet Magnetic Shielded Enclosure is attached to the existing walls and structure. No additional structure is required.

  • 4.7T - 11.7T

    Gaven Industries combines its Soldered Copper R.F. Shielded Enclosure with heavy 1006 fully annealed steel plate creating a "Dual Shield" which provides the ultimate combination of very high performance R.F. Shielding and Magnetic Shielding for large bore 7T research MRI magnets. Because of the attention to detail that is used in the construction of the R.F. Shield for this application, R.F. Shielding performance is, as a standard, tested to 140dB of attenuation.

    Although others use the Magnetic Shield as the R.F. Shield by welding the seams on the interior of most plates (commonly referred to as a combination shield) Gaven Industries' Dual Shield System is extremely cost competitive.

    No welding or heat is applied to the steel plates after annealing or during construction as this can cause a loss of Magnetic Shield performance in the heat affected areas. The Soldered Copper R.F. Shield is installed on wood framing that is attached to the inside of the steel plate eliminating the possibility of an inadvertent ground which is a common problem with combination shielding.

    Before any steel plates are fabricated and annealed, testing is performed on a sample of steel and a B-H curve is plotted after each batch of fabricated plates are annealed. This information is used to verify the consistency of the annealing process, verify the actual shielding properties of the steel plates and to confirm the initial data used in the original Magnetic Shield Design.

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