Gaven Industries

Has been the leader in solving both simple & complex shielding problems for nearly 40 years. Addressing adversarial threats from electromagnetic pulses (EMP / HEMP), geomagnetic disturbances (GMD), and RFI / EMI interference.

Gaven specializes in EMI, EMP, HEMP, and RF protection with doors, shielded structures & rooms, data racks, and special protective measure solutions for a wide variety of critical and vulnerable industries.

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Our Clients

We have helped thousands of clients with the planning, design, manufacture and installation of radio frequency and magnetic shielding in their facilities. Our clients serve a wide range of industries including government agencies, hospitals, and universities.

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Our Products

Our products are manufactured at our wholly owned manufacturing facility located near Pittsburgh, PA.

Questions about our products or services?

Enclosure Design Consultation

Gaven Industries Inc. Award Winning Services

Gaven Industries can assist your design team in determining the appropriate R.F. Shielding and Magnetic Shielding requirements for shielding performance down to 0Hz. Our installation group can also provide guidance on construction materials and methods needed to achieve these goals. Gaven has four decades of shielding experience in RFI and EMI shielding for facilities and enclosures as large as 150,000 sq ft as well as complex facilities such as SATCOM and urban population considerations.

RF/EMP/HEMP Consulting

Contact our team today to start a conversation on how Gaven can assist with your project.

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Testing and Maintenance Services

  • Shielding Effectiveness (SE) Testing
  • Pulse Current Injection (PCI) Testing
  • Contract Test and Maintenance Agreements
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