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EMP Shielding & HEMP Shielding Solutions

Fortifying essential infrastructure with leading-edge EMP and HEMP defense, securing seamless operations and data integrity against electromagnetic challenges.

About Us

Gaven Industries: The Experts in EMP & HEMP Shielding

Gaven Industries specializes in EMP and HEMP shielding solutions, offering a wide range of products including custom-shielded enclosures, ISO containers, and more, designed to protect critical systems and sensitive electronics from electromagnetic threats. Our commitment to innovation and quality drives us to deliver comprehensive protection services, from tailored designs to seamless project management. With our expertise, we ensure operational continuity and security for clients in various sectors, helping them navigate the complexities of an electromagnetic-vulnerable environment.

What We Protect Against

Understanding EMP & HEMP Threats

In today’s increasingly connected and technologically driven world, the threat posed by Electromagnetic Pulses (EMP) and High-altitude Electromagnetic Pulses (HEMP) cannot be overstated. These phenomena, whether stemming from natural solar events or as the result of targeted attacks, have the potential to disrupt, degrade, or destroy critical infrastructure, leaving societies vulnerable to cascading failures. Recognizing this, Gaven Industries has stepped forward with decisive solutions aimed at fortifying essential systems against such existential threats.

  • Vulnerability of Modern Infrastructure: Our modern infrastructure is intrinsically dependent on electronic systems and digital networks. EMP and HEMP incidents have the potential to disable these systems, leading to widespread operational failures and economic disruptions.
  • National Security Concerns: EMP/HEMP threats are not just technical challenges but also national security concerns. The ability to protect against these threats is vital in safeguarding the nation’s security apparatus from potential adversaries.
  • Economic Implications: The aftermath of an EMP/HEMP event could be catastrophic, with costs running into billions for recovery and restoration. Proactive shielding solutions mitigate these potential economic impacts by preserving the operational integrity of critical services.
  • Resilience and Recovery: Beyond immediate protection, shielding solutions form a cornerstone of broader resilience strategies. They enable organizations and nations to recover more rapidly from the disruptive effects of EMP/HEMP incidents, minimizing downtime and restoring essential services more quickly.
  • Advanced Shielding Solutions: Offering custom shielded enclosures and ISO containers that are tailored to provide the highest level of protection against EMP and HEMP threats. These solutions are crucial for maintaining the functionality of sensitive electronics and ensuring operational continuity.
  • Building Long-term Resiliency: Our solutions align with the strategic goals outlined by federal initiatives, including improving risk awareness, enhancing protection capabilities for critical infrastructure, and promoting effective incident response and recovery efforts. By adopting a comprehensive approach that includes proper grounding, isolation, and protection-in-depth tactics, we ensure that critical equipment and infrastructure are safeguarded against the wide-reaching effects of EMP and HEMP events.

Safeguarding Essential Systems

Critical Infrastructure Protection

Shielding substations, transformers, and control systems to prevent widespread outages and maintain electrical reliability. Power grids are vulnerable to electromagnetic disturbances, which can induce damaging currents and voltage surges, leading to equipment failures and blackouts. Protecting these components is essential for ensuring the stability and resilience of the electrical infrastructure.

Safeguarding telecommunications towers, antennas, and data centers to ensure uninterrupted communication during emergencies. Communication networks are vital for facilitating emergency response, coordinating rescue efforts, and disseminating critical information to the public. Shielding these components helps maintain communication reliability and resilience, even in the event of electromagnetic disturbances or attacks.

Protecting traffic control systems, railway infrastructure, and airport navigation equipment to maintain transportation safety and efficiency. Transportation systems rely on electronic control systems and communication networks to ensure the smooth flow of traffic, monitor vehicle movements, and manage transportation logistics. Shielding these components helps prevent disruptions to transportation services, ensuring public safety and minimizing disruptions during emergencies.

Shielding pumps, valves, and control systems to ensure continuous water supply and sanitation services. Water treatment facilities play a crucial role in providing clean and safe drinking water to communities, as well as treating wastewater to protect public health and the environment. Shielding these components helps prevent malfunctions and operational disruptions, ensuring the availability of essential water services, even in challenging circumstances.

Safeguarding dispatch centers, emergency response vehicles, and communication systems to enable effective response during crises. Emergency services, including police, fire, and medical responders, rely on electronic communication systems and dispatch centers to coordinate emergency response efforts and provide assistance to those in need. Shielding these components helps maintain operational continuity and ensures timely and efficient emergency response, even in the face of electromagnetic disturbances or attacks.

Protecting banking systems, trading platforms, and critical financial infrastructure to maintain economic stability and prevent financial disruptions. Financial services, including banking, trading, and payment processing, rely heavily on electronic systems and data networks to facilitate financial transactions and manage financial assets. Shielding these components helps safeguard financial data, prevent unauthorized access or manipulation, and ensure the integrity and reliability of financial services, even in the event of electromagnetic disturbances or cyber attacks.

White Paper:

EMP & IEMI Protection Concepts for Transmission & Distribution Substations

EMP, or High-Altitude Electromagnetic Pulse (also “HEMP”), along with other electromagnetic threats, such as IEMI (Collectively known as “E-Threats”), used to be the domain of the Department of Defense. It has become increasingly apparent that civil infrastructure is critical even to the efficient functioning of our National Security. Therefore, the identification of electrical power substations, including microgrids, bears increasing scrutiny when considering EMP/IEMI resilience.

This white paper proposes several concepts, ideas, and design elements for the protection of substations and related electrical power infrastructure both expeditiously and cost-effectively. 

EMP Shielding & HEMP Shielding Solutions

What We Offer

EMP/HEMP Shielding Products

Gaven Industries offers an extensive selection of EMP- and HEMP-shielded products, each engineered for optimal protection. Our range provides a strategic defense for essential systems against electromagnetic disturbances, ensuring seamless operation and integrity. With Gaven’s commitment to excellence, our solutions are at the forefront of safeguarding technology.

  • Custom Shielded Enclosures
  • EMP/HEMP Shielded Doors 
  • EMP/HEMP Shielded Hatches
  • Transportable ISO Containers
  • Waveguides & Waveguide Pipe Penetrations
  • Integrated Power Options
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Engineers performing electromagnetic shielding maintenance on MRI room

Shielding Protection Services

Gaven Industries’ Shielding Protection Services combine expert consultation, advanced testing, and comprehensive maintenance to tailor EMP and HEMP shielding solutions for your needs. Our approach ensures your installations are optimized to mitigate interference effectively and maintain peak performance over time, safeguarding your operations against electromagnetic disturbances..

  • HEMP hardening for both new and existing fixed-site facilities
  • HEMP protection for mobile and transportable systems
  • HEMP Hardness Maintenance, Hardness Surveillance programs for public sector, private sector, and military installations
  • MIL-STD 188-125 test planning, procedures, and testing

End-to-End Project Management

Gaven Industries specializes in managing the full lifecycle of your EMP and HEMP shielding project. From the initial assessment and design to installation and beyond, we provide a seamless, integrated approach that guarantees your project’s success without the hassle. Initial 

  • Consultation & Quote Support
  • Custom Design
  • Products & Material Procurement
  • Compliance Checks
  • Installation& Project Management
  • Testing & Validation
  • Documentation
  • Staff Training
  • Ongoing Maintenance & Support

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Refer to the attenuation characteristics charts to determine what material and cell size are right for your application.

Angle Frame:

  • This construction method typically involves a frame made of angled metal sections.
  • The frame is attached to the structure of the shielded enclosure, providing support for the waveguide material.
  • Angle frame construction is often used for installations where a rigid frame is required to maintain the shape and integrity of the waveguide panels.


  • Ducted waveguides are designed with a duct-like structure, allowing airflow to pass through the interior of the waveguide.
  • This construction method provides a pathway for air to flow while maintaining EMI/RFI shielding integrity.
  • Ducted waveguides are commonly used in HVAC systems where maintaining airflow is crucial, such as in data centers or industrial settings.

Ducted w/ Man Bars (Secure):

  • Ducted waveguides with man bars incorporate additional metal bars or grilles within the duct structure.
  • These man bars help to reinforce the waveguide and provide additional support for the ducted airflow.
  • This construction method is suitable for applications where increased structural integrity and security are required, such as in high-security environments or specialized industrial applications.

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