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Fortify your sensitive data and strategic discussions with our state-of-the-art SCIF Room solutions designed for maximum confidentiality.

About Us

Gaven Industries: Leaders in Secure Facility Solutions

Gaven Industries stands at the forefront of SCIF solutions, with a steadfast dedication to safeguarding sensitive information. Our expertise spans decades, uniting cutting-edge technology and meticulous engineering to exceed MIL-STD-188 and ICD 705 standards. As industry leaders, we bring innovation and unrivaled precision to every project, ensuring our government and private sector partners achieve the highest security measures. Trust in our legacy to fortify your operations with unmatched protection.

What We Protect Against

Fortifying Operations from RF & EMI Vulnerabilities

A Sensitive Compartmented Information Facility (SCIF) is not just a secure room, it’s the gold standard for controlled environments that demand the highest level of security against electronic surveillance and data breaches. The defining feature of a SCIF is its robust RF shielding, which provides a formidable barrier against electromagnetic interference (EMI), thus preserving the integrity of sensitive communications.

Beyond the advanced RF shielding that blocks electronic eavesdropping, SCIFs incorporate access control and soundproofing to ensure that no unauthorized listening or surveillance can occur. Specialized doors with high conductivity seals extend this protection, effectively negating electromagnetic radiation hazards.

SAPFs, or Special Access Program Facilities, address the security for specific programs with precise needs, offering tailored solutions for classified projects that require controlled access and specialized security protocols. In contrast, SCIFs, or Sensitive Compartmented Information Facilities, provide a wider shield, designed to meet comprehensive security protocols that safeguard against a broader range of threats. Both types of facilities are essential in their roles but are distinguished by their scope of protection and operational requirements — SAPFs are often for highly specialized missions, while SCIFs are for varied levels of classified information handling across different sectors.

SCIFs are indispensable in safeguarding classified and sensitive materials for defense, intelligence, and business. These facilities stand as bulwarks of privacy, offering unparalleled security assurance where the stakes are highest.

The cornerstone of SCIF security is the advanced EMI and RF shielding that acts as a sentinel against electronic breaches. Continually evolving to counter new threats, these technologies are the heartbeat of SCIF effectiveness, ensuring airtight defense against digital espionage.

Assuring Compliance with SCIF Security Directives

Gaven Industries is committed to excellence in the construction and operation of SCIFs, underscoring this commitment through strict adherence to critical standards and directives that govern secure facility design, construction, and functionality, including:

Our Commitment to Standards


Protecting against espionage through electromagnetic eavesdropping, we ensure that all SCIF constructions are compliant with TEMPEST standards for electromagnetic security.


Our secure communication systems within SCIFs conform to MIL-STD-188, ensuring reliable and secure military communications.

ICD 705

We strictly follow the Intelligence Community Directive 705 (ICD 705), which sets forth the physical and technical construction standards for SCIFs, ensuring a secure environment for handling classified information.


Compliance with MIL-STD-461 is critical for controlling electromagnetic interference, a standard we uphold in the construction and outfitting of all SCIF projects to prevent data leakage and ensure operational security.

Why Choose Us

Choose Gaven Industries
for Unmatched SCIF Security

With a deep understanding of the unique requirements for SCIF construction and a track record of successful projects, Gaven Industries is your trusted partner for creating secure environments that protect your most sensitive information. Contact us today to learn more about how we can assist with your SCIF project needs.

SCIF Shielding Solutions & Services

What We Offer

RF/EMI Shielding Products for SCIF

Gaven Industries is dedicated to ensuring the highest standard of security within SCIF Rooms and Secure Facilities. Our selection of RF and EMI Shielding Products is meticulously designed to safeguard against even the most sophisticated electronic threats. From our shielded SCIF doors and windows to transportable containers, our products are engineered to integrate seamlessly with your SCIF’s design, delivering unparalleled protection and performance.

  • RF/EMI Shielded SCIF Doors 
  • RF/EMI Shielded SCIF Windows
  • Transportable ISO Containers
  • Secure Waveguides & Waveguide Pipe Penetrations
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Two Gaven designers reviewing the electromagnetic shielding product designs on a computer

SCIF Implementation Services

Ensuring the security of SCIFs against electronic spying and data breaches, Gaven Industries’ Shielding Protection Services are meticulously crafted to address the unique demands of SCIF shielding. With an emphasis on confidentiality and technical precision, our services deliver customized RF and EMI shielding solutions, from inception to implementation and beyond. 

  • Integrated Design & Planning
  • Stringent Compliance Oversight
  • Construction and Quality Assurance
  • Testing & Compliance Assistance

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Refer to the attenuation characteristics charts to determine what material and cell size are right for your application.

Angle Frame:

  • This construction method typically involves a frame made of angled metal sections.
  • The frame is attached to the structure of the shielded enclosure, providing support for the waveguide material.
  • Angle frame construction is often used for installations where a rigid frame is required to maintain the shape and integrity of the waveguide panels.


  • Ducted waveguides are designed with a duct-like structure, allowing airflow to pass through the interior of the waveguide.
  • This construction method provides a pathway for air to flow while maintaining EMI/RFI shielding integrity.
  • Ducted waveguides are commonly used in HVAC systems where maintaining airflow is crucial, such as in data centers or industrial settings.

Ducted w/ Man Bars (Secure):

  • Ducted waveguides with man bars incorporate additional metal bars or grilles within the duct structure.
  • These man bars help to reinforce the waveguide and provide additional support for the ducted airflow.
  • This construction method is suitable for applications where increased structural integrity and security are required, such as in high-security environments or specialized industrial applications.

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