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Shielding Applications:
RF Shielding & EMI Shielding Solutions

Providing cutting-edge RF and EMI shielding protection for electronic devices, ensuring operational integrity and data security in today’s interconnected world.

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For over 40 years, Gaven Industries has been a leader in electromagnetic shielding, offering custom solutions to protect against EMPs, HEMPs, GMDs, and RF interference. Addressing the need for easy-to-select, versatile shielded chambers for applications like RF testing and performance isolation, we’ve crafted a range of modular chambers that are simple to assemble without skilled labor and available in multiple sizes with all necessary components. Our tailored selection of chambers, including Test, RF Anechoic, and HEMP Shielded Chambers, are each designed for specific electromagnetic shielding needs. The Screw-Together, Clamp-Together, and Bolt-Together innovative assembly options—provide versatile, efficient, and durable solutions to accommodate any project requirement, ensuring optimal functionality and ease of installation for industries like defense, aerospace, and medical research.

Shielded Chamber Assembly Methods

Chambers Constructed to Meet Your Requirements

Gaven Industries offers a range of shielded chamber assembly methods, each engineered to address distinct electromagnetic shielding needs. Our Screw-Together, Clamp-Together, and Bolt-Together Chambers are designed for easy assembly, flexibility, and durability, ensuring superior EMI protection for various applications. Constructed with high-quality materials and designed for effective RF isolation, our chambers are customizable to meet the specific needs of industries ranging from defense and aerospace to medical and research. 

Designed for rapid assembly and adaptability, Gaven Industries’ Screw-Together Chambers offer a straightforward solution to RF shielding. These chambers use durable copper panels and plywood frames, easily joined with wood screws, allowing for quick setup without compromising on quality. Ideal for projects requiring fast deployment with reliable RF isolation, our Screw-Together Chambers cater to the practical needs of engineers and project managers looking for both efficiency and effectiveness.


  • 3oz Copper Panels: Durable and effective for RF shielding, designed for quick assembly.
  • Plywood Frames: Each panel is reinforced with a 2” deep frame made from ¾” plywood, offering structural support.
  • Wood Screws: Facilitates easy and secure joining of panels, allowing for straightforward setup and adjustments.
  • Optional RF Gasketing: Can be installed between adjoining panels to enhance RF isolation, ensuring superior protection.
  • POEs (Points of Entry): Seamlessly integrated into the assembly, providing functional access points without compromising shielding.
  • 4070 RF Shielded Door: Each enclosure includes one standard-sized door for secure access.

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The Bolt-Together Chambers from Gaven Industries provide a solid foundation for any RF shielding project. Made with galvanized steel and designed for easy assembly, these chambers are built to last and can be quickly put together to meet project deadlines. The inclusion of RF gasketing ensures enhanced isolation, ideal for critical applications in defense, aerospace, and research. For engineers and project managers needing a dependable, customizable solution, our Bolt-Together Chambers offer unmatched durability and flexibility.


  • 14GA Bent Galvanized Steel Panels: Utilized for the construction of floors, walls, and ceilings, providing a strong and durable framework.
  • Bolts, Washers, and Nuts: Ensures a robust and secure assembly of panels, contributing to the structural integrity of the chamber.
  • Optional RF Gasketing: Can be applied between connecting panels to boost RF isolation, which is critical for sensitive testing environments.
  • Cement Board Floor Infill: Creates a solid, flat surface for safe and practical use inside the chamber.
  • POEs (Points of Entry): Integrated through bolting and gasketing techniques, allowing for versatile configuration of entry points.
  • 4070 RF Shielded Door: Included as a standard feature, providing a reliable and secure entrance to the chamber.

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Gaven Industries’ Clamp-Together Chambers are the answer to diverse shielding requirements, combining zinc-coated steel and a polypropylene honeycomb core for durability and lightness. The unique Hat & Flat construction ensures easy assembly while offering exceptional RF shielding capabilities. These chambers are versatile enough to suit EMC testing, data security, and medical equipment protection, making them a smart choice for professionals seeking reliable, adaptable solutions.


  • Zinc-Coated G60 Galvanized Steel: Provides corrosion resistance and durability.
  • Polypropylene Honeycomb Core: Enhances strength while minimizing weight, offering an advantage over traditional wood cores.
  • 1/4-Inch Self-Threading TORX Screws: Placed on 4-inch centers for secure fastening and 100% thread engagement.
  • Hat & Flat Construction: A distinctive clamping technique that ensures consistent pressure and optimal structural integrity.
  • Polyethylene Vapor Barrier: Adds an extra layer of protection under the chamber.
  • Customizable Sizes and Doors: Chambers can be tailored to specific dimensions with manual or automatic RF door options.

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Customized Electromagnetic Defense

Specialized Shielded Chambers

Test Chambers

Gaven Industries offers state-of-the-art test chambers designed to deliver optimum performance when evaluating electronic equipment and devices. Our Test Chambers stand as a paragon of isolation technology, effectively shielding internal contents from external electromagnetic disturbances. They are pivotal for clients aiming to achieve the highest accuracy in quality assurance and regulatory compliance tests across diverse sectors.

  • High-fidelity isolation ensures true-to-life testing conditions.
  • Enhanced shielding technology blocks external electromagnetic interference.
  • Essential for product certification and quality assurance across multiple industries.
  • Simplified setup process to streamline testing operations.

RF Anechoic Chambers

At Gaven Industries, we engineer premier RF Anechoic Chambers that replicate a free-space environment, free from radio frequency reflections. With walls lined with specialized absorbent material, our chambers are indispensable for clients who require precise testing of RF equipment’s performance and emissions. Gaven’s RF Anechoic Chambers are a cornerstone for those in need of a controlled setting to accurately assess antenna patterns, conduct EMI testing, and evaluate radar cross-section measurements.

  • Designed to replicate open-air testing environments indoors.
  • Advanced materials absorb reflections for cleaner test data.
  • Key in the development and certification of wireless and RF devices.
  • Reduces testing time with a controlled, predictable testing environment.

HEMP Shielded Chambers

Gaven Industries is a trusted supplier of robust HEMP Shielded Chambers, crafted to protect against High-altitude Electromagnetic Pulses. Our chambers are designed to secure critical electronic infrastructure against the harshest EMP events. Suitable for defense, aerospace, and any industry requiring EMP resilience, Gaven’s HEMP Shielded Chambers are constructed to exceed the rigorous demands for electromagnetic defense, providing our clients with peace of mind and unwavering protection.

  • Fortified construction provides maximum EMP protection.
  • Adaptable to various industries, including telecommunications and critical infrastructure.
  • Meets stringent military standards for EMP resilience.
  • Long-term reliability to safeguard technology investments against EMP threats.

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Refer to the attenuation characteristics charts to determine what material and cell size are right for your application.

Angle Frame:

  • This construction method typically involves a frame made of angled metal sections.
  • The frame is attached to the structure of the shielded enclosure, providing support for the waveguide material.
  • Angle frame construction is often used for installations where a rigid frame is required to maintain the shape and integrity of the waveguide panels.


  • Ducted waveguides are designed with a duct-like structure, allowing airflow to pass through the interior of the waveguide.
  • This construction method provides a pathway for air to flow while maintaining EMI/RFI shielding integrity.
  • Ducted waveguides are commonly used in HVAC systems where maintaining airflow is crucial, such as in data centers or industrial settings.

Ducted w/ Man Bars (Secure):

  • Ducted waveguides with man bars incorporate additional metal bars or grilles within the duct structure.
  • These man bars help to reinforce the waveguide and provide additional support for the ducted airflow.
  • This construction method is suitable for applications where increased structural integrity and security are required, such as in high-security environments or specialized industrial applications.

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