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Modular Shielded Structures

Gaven’s shielded Modular Enclosure System is designed to rapidly deploy a shielded structure or enclosure that is proven to exceed the HEMP requirements of MIL-STD 188-125-1/-2 and providing a solution that can be deployed where there is threats of IEMI attacks. The system is designed to be as large or small as required while maintaining the transportability if required. The fast installation and mobility of the system makes it more cost effective and agile in many cases than a traditional stick build or mechanically fastened together solution.

The Modular Enclosure System uses three main components to assemble a facility system that is scalable to mission or operational needs such as workspaces, communications facilities, command facilities such as C2 or C4ISR / C5ISR, data and computing centers, and operations centers such as SCADA rooms.


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Modular Enclosure

  • ISO transportable design
  • Available in 20’ or 40’ options
  • Designed with air flow waveguide options
  • Includes Power Filters
  • Includes HEMP Shielded door

Flexible connecting link

  • Includes Laser Alignment Tool For Field Deployability
  • Flexible mitigates small movement and shifting foundation and non-level placement
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  • Includes Power and Writing Instructions
  • ISO Transportable
  • Includes HEMP Shielding Door for clean entry during daily use


Fitment options

  • MOE – Open Plan With Basic Unistrut Mounting
  • MEE – Equipment Module For Data Or Communications Equipment
  • MWE – Workspace Module For Regular Occupancy And Use
  • DOD Structural And Seismic Design Standards To UFC 3-301-01/-02
  • CBRNE Filtration And Protection
  • CARC Paint Optional
  • Optional Emergency Egress Hatchway
Project designed to specification for BIM integration
Vestibule Entry Image

Vestibule Entry/Exit Point

  • Provides EMP “Clean Room” entry/exit design
  • Compatible with connecting link for expansion
  • Upgradable with same seismic and structural design and CBRNE options as Modular Enclosures
  • Includes HEMP shielded door
    -Pneumatic and passive door designs optional
  • Project designed to specification for BIM integration

Flexible Connecting Link

  • Creates link between modules as well as allows for system to be expanded
  • Flexible core allows for small movements in the facility while maintaining shielding effectiveness
  • Patented design
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  • Part Number Scheme

    Base + Size + structure + CBRN + Hatch + Door
    Use number at beginning of time

  • MOE11012 = Modular Open Enclosure, 40ft, ISO + UFC 3-301, No CBRN, Emergency Hatch and Air Seal Main Door

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