Shielded ISO Storage Containers

HEMP Shielded iso storage containers

Modular System Solutions

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HEMP Event Recovery

In the wake of an EMP, HEMP or large-scale GMD event, portable electronics and critical electronics will cease to operate. These devices (simple or complex) may be key to a resilient community. Any items like laptops, communications equipment, many power tools, medical and lifesaving equipment need to be available post event to minimize impact.

Most current MIL-STD 188-125 rated solutions focus on larger scale systems and process. At the individual locality, emergency services and business operations level, little has been done to accommodate threat mitigation concerns for microgrids and small unit / community operations.

There are two primary planning factors that will mitigate the risks associated with these vulnerabilities in the hours and days post- HEMP/EMP and GMD events – prevention and response. Protecting essential and long lead time electronic equipment in HEMP shielded enclosures will ensure both.

Recovery Storage Use Cases

  • Laptops and Computing Devices
  • Communications Equipment
  • Backup and Generators
  • Power Tools
  • Critical Medical Equipment
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ISO Transportable Container products

  • Designed and tested to meet MIL-STD 188-125-1/2 standards
  • Meets ISO 668:2013 standards for transportability including ISO lift and skid points
  • Available in 10ft, 20ft and 40ft configurations
  • Weather-proof with vestibule door design to protect HEMP shield


  • Waveguides (type & size vary by model)
  • Integrated Power Options
  • Weather Resistant Shipping Doors & Vestibule
  • Installed Unistrut for Aftermarket Fittings
  • HEMP / EMP Shieled Door
  • CSC Certified to ISO 668:2013
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Specifications img

Shielding Effectiveness – 10 Hz to 1 GHz +20dB


  • 8’ W x 8’6” H x 10’ D
  • 8’ W x 8’6” H x 20’ D
  • 8’ W x 8’6” H x 40’ D

Ingress / Egress

  • Weatherproof double swing doors
  • HEMP shielded inner door 4ft x 7ft clear opening

Pressure seal standard

Optional Pneumatic air-seal door


  • Durable finishing interior
  • Pre-mounted finishings upon request