RFI Shielded Doors



Gaven Industries’ Pneumatic R.F. Shielded Doors are lightweight, easy to operate and require very little maintenance. The frame and leaf are constructed of 304 Stainless Steel, are fully welded, highly corrosion resistant, and unlike competitors aluminum or brass doors, can becleaned with normal hospital cleaning and disinfecting products!

The doors are electrically controlled to allow simple integration into the building’s security system and / or interlock with other systems. Additional options are available such as wall mounted “Press to Door” switches, automatic operator, magnetic locks and deadbolts. As standard the doors come with a Heavy Duty Roton Hinge that will last for the life of the installation, two stainless steel pull handles, “Press and Hold to Open” door mounted paddle switches and an emergency air release toggle switch.

Gaven Industries’ Pneumatic Doors exhibit the highest R.F. Shielding performance in the industry. They are widely used in secure facilities and functional imaging sites where the shielding requirements are greater than that of a typical MRI. They can be manufactured to almost any size and in any configuration (i.e. single, double, uneven double and so on). The door leaf, or leafs, can be finished with any commercially available wood veneer species or plastic laminate and can be fitted with a borrowed light.



Gaven Industries’ R.F. Shielded Sliding Doors offers the highest shielding performance available in their class along with extraordinary compact size and are virtually maintenance free.

The Sliding Door’s total depth is only 7-3/8″, 2-1/4″ of which resides within the surrounding wall structure. The Sliding Door protrudes a total of only 5-1/8″ into the room, freeing up precious floor space, especially in areas such as Operating Rooms where the opening and shutting of swinging doors often requires the moving of equipment.

The entire door and frame are made of 304 stainless steel for its Non-Magnetic and corrosion resistant properties and also for ease of cleaning and infection control.

The operator’s DC Gear-Motor is sealed, has ground and hardened gears and employs roller and needle bearings in lieu of plain or bronze bushings for many years of quiet and reliable operation.

Every component utilized in the manufacture of Gaven Industries’ R.F. Shielded Sliding Doors were chosen for its reliability, longevity and ease of maintenance. It will provide many years of trouble free service.

Custom Doors

Gaven understands that performance requirements can vary from one enclosure to another. This is also true of an enclosure’s components, including the doors. From custom Air Seal Doors to Wide Channel Knife Edge Escape hatches, Gaven can design and manufacture any custom shielding product from concept to completion. Gaven Industries designs and manufactures some of the most innovative concepts in the industry.