Shielded Solutions

Custom HEMP Shielded Solutions

EMP / HEMP attacks as well as naturally occurring Geomagnetic Disturbances pose a very real and very complex problem in the protection of critical infrastructure, military equipment and facilities, and hardware. Gaven has been the leader in solving any shielding issues the better part of 4 decades. Gaven is the leader in collaborative solution engineering, technology and expertise to deliver test verifiable, high-altitude electromagnetic pulse (HEMP) mitigation and protection that ensures both continuity of government and resilience in returning to normal civilian life in post-HEMP environments. Reach out to our team today to discuss your project’s tailor fit HEMP requirements.

Gaven’s decades of experience in HEMP protection for critical infrastructure, equipment, and other special protective measures (SPM) provides customers with the industries best shielded solutions and prepared for HEMP and GMD threats. Our products and services include design and installation of HEMP sites and infrastructure protection, modular & prefabricated structure systems, mobile and transportable solutions, HEMP hardening & storage for equipment, production and maintenance of HEMP shielded doors, cabinets and racks, and a full suite of HEMP (MIL-STD 188-125-1 / 188-125-2), RFI and IMEI shielding testing.
Our shielding engineers are highly skilled at solving complex specification problems for shielding in nearly any component or structure. Gaven has installed hundreds of HEMP protected facilities around the world from very small 60 sq ft rooms to 50,000+ sq ft buildings with each tested during construction and post-construction to ensure proper installation.

Gaven’s HEMP Protection services include:

  • HEMP hardening for both new and existing fixed site facilities
  • HEMP protection for mobile and transportable systems
  • HEMP Hardness Maintenance, Hardness Surveillance programs for public sector, private sector, and military installations
  • MIL-STD 188-125 test planning, procedures, and testing
HEMP Shielding Solution Image
HEMP Shielding Solution Image