Extended Frequency

IEEE 299

IEEE-299 Standard Method for Measuring the Effectiveness of Electromagnetic Enclosures

IEEE-299 is the standard procedure for measuring the effectiveness of electromagnetic shielding enclosures. The shielding effectiveness (SE) testing procedure covers more common frequencies from 9 kHz to 18 GHz. The most common enclosure Gaven tests with this procedure is a hospital or outpatient MRI room. Although, this standard can be used for testing any commercial/government facility, such as a SCIF or metrology facility.

Testing to IEEE 299 requires placing transmitting and receiving antennas on each side of the enclosure wall. As a RF signal generator output connects to a transmit antenna, the exterior enclosure surface is illuminated with RF waves. A scanning receiving antenna inside the enclosure measures the maximum leakage signal at that location. This process is essentially repeated around the outer limits of the enclosure for each test frequency.

Shielding Effectiveness Testing & Maintenance Services

  • Shielded doors, associated components, and installed shielding must remain effective in the field for the life span of the room to provide the highest quality images & measurements, as well as ensuring the safety of those in the room.
  • Shielding effectiveness degrades over time due to the constant normal use of a room or facility.
  • Shielding effectiveness can be negatively impacted by even small amounts of vibration and seismic activity
  • Shielding and components such as doors and points of entry (POE) should be inspected and maintained annually to maintain optimal performance and safety.

Contract Maintenance and Testing Services

Regular Interval Shielding Effectiveness Inspection

  • Door leaf and frame
  • Parts and components
  • RFI/EMI Points of entry

Preventative Maintenance

  • Cleaning
  • Lubrication
  • Adjustments
  • Parts replacement

Re-certification Testing

  • Room solders
  • Point of entry vulnerability
  • Sensitive equipment vulnerability

Contract Maintenance and Testing Services