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Periodic testing & inspection

Regular evaluation of shielding effectiveness should be inspected and maintained annually Inspections should include evaluation of the door leaf, frames, parts and components, and RFI/EMI Points of entry to maintain optimalperformance and safety.

Preventative Maintenance

Due to the constant normal usage of the room or facility, shielding effectiveness degrades over time. We recommend preventive maintenance such as cleaning, lubrication, adjustments, and part replacement to help maintain the optimal functionality of your systems.

Repair & Restoration Services

Our skilled staff has experience repairing and restoring a vast array of shielded products and facilities – ensuring the effectiveness, performance, and compliance of your equipment.


Inspection, preventative maintenance, testing, and repairs will extend the operational life cycle and efficacy of systems and equipment while ensuring sufficient protection of critical infrastructure during time-sensitive operations. Gaven Industries will lead the charge in the identification of all hardness critical items, and hardness critical processes, as well as physically conducting the suggested maintenance practices.